Problems using avr-gcc and C++ header files classes :(

Hey guys! Pretty sad today!
I've got a really big problem with my coding work. Soooo, i'm trying to make a header file form my avr-gcc project. What i have set-up is: a make file that compiles and flash a main.cpp file into my atmega chip and a test.h and test.cpp file as my header. In thoose file i have a basic class called "Test" with a constructor and a simple void function. The compiler recognizes the code as C++ but it gives me back an error :frowning:
This is the error that i get:

Here is a github repository with the source code and the make file.
P.S. I'm running windows with cygwin and WinAVR packages, but i can basicaly run any linux command :slight_smile:

Sorry for my bad english, this is not my natural language, but i'm trying ...

Check your makefile, your are not compiling test.cpp, so you get the "undefined reference" error.

Cheers, Ale.

This is the error that i get:

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tst = Test();

You NEVER call the constructor directly. The tst object has already been created.

Don't you think that compiling text.cpp at some point would be a good idea?

so .. now i compile the test.cpp file too and i don't call a constructor anymore but i still get the same error :frowning:
GitHub Rep has been updated

So, now you create a test.o file. But, do you link to it? No.