Problems Using Mux Shield II and Photoresistors

Hi all,

I am new to programming and electronics, and I just got myself a Mux Shield II (

I want to be able to use a pin, say I/O3 0, attach a photoresistor to it, then be able to view (on the serial monitor) how the values change as I vary light levels.

I guess I am really asking two questions: how do I tell the Arduino to look at an analog value on a certain pin on the shield, and how would I wire up a photoresistor so I can make this happen?

Apologies if this seems too simple for you guys, but I am very new to Arduino and I'm having trouble understanding related posts on the forum.

Thanks in advance, Tim.

If you follow the link you quoted, there you will find a resources section with a library for operating the shield and sample code. What you require is the AnalogIn example. You wire the photoresistor using a potential divider. Decide if the values you derive from the photo resistor should increase or decrease as the light level increases.