problems using potentiometer

I am using a potentiometer to make changes in the serial monitor.

However (I don’t know whether the potentiometer or the way I am using is the problem) I get a output like this.


I am trying to make the graph smoother(like the picture below) but I can’t think of anything except of writing hundreds of “if (100<x<140){…” s… Can anyone help me with it?

I connected the potentiometer like this (on

And The code I made and tested is

const int potentiometer = A2;
void setup(){
void loop(){

Your potentiometer could be a logarithmic type (as used for volume controls on audio equipment), rather than a linear type.

Also, your code is using A0 but your photo shows the pot wiper connected to A2. But I guess that may just be a typo in the code or image :)

I just found that the potentiometer I was using was a logarithmic one. Thank you! XD

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