Problems using Sainsmart 3.2" TFT display

I would like some assistance as I am a Newbie and have lost my way
I recently bought a Sainsmart 3.2" TFT display and shield with Arduino 2560 R3
The problem when I luged it in, it just stared back at me
I then tried load the sketches and they are showing up on the Arduino IDE but will not compile or upload.
The problem seem to be in the “tinyFAT” Library because I cant get it to load tinyFAT and keep getting errors.
Some questions for youl
Do I have to insert an SD card into the card holder of the TFT to load tinyFAT?
Do I format the card before inserting it?do I have to plug in the Arduino before compiling the code?
I have searched the web for detailed information on this and can find none
Can anyone assist?

I'd suggest you remove any mention of the SD card or it's library from your sketch until you get the display working.

Thank you KenF
I tried loading "UTouch" and it worked right off
So can you hold my hand and lead me to the next step?? Compiling and uploading "tinyFAT"
Please and thank you

The Sainsmart TFT and shield are famous (notorious), for being problematic with SD cards. Mine worked flawlessly straight out the box, but I understand that is unusual.....

First of all, I would forget tinyFAT until you have managed to get SD.h working first. The are many example sketches included with SD.h that will help you diagnose any problems you might have. Once you have SD.h working, then maybe you can try tinyFat.

If you think you want to rush ahead and just try to get tinyFAT working, try pin 53 as your chips_select pin. Ensure your SD card is 2GB or less AND formatted as FAT16 AND your image files are not in folders!........... Only when all these conditions are met does tinyFAT stand ANY chance of working.