Problems using triacdimmer library, load on when demanding 0 brightness

Hi all, I’m using the Mega version of the triacdimmer library to control 2 loads connected to a Mega2560; my hardware is good, but when I call TriacDimmerMega::setBrightness(load1TriacDrive, load1Pwm) with load1Pwm set to 0, my load is still powered; when I check the drive to my optocoupler, I can see I’m getting random pulses of varying length which is turning the optocoupler, and hence my triac, on. The circuit behaves well when I demand 0.10 up to 1.00, giving the outputs I expect.
Is there some oddity of the library that causes problems with a brightness level of 0?
My library version is TriacDimmerMega-1.0.0