Problems Using "While" Function

I am new to Arduino and want to use it to control a machine I am making, but I cannot to get a WHILE statement to work, altough it seems simple enough

The machine has a carriage and on startup I want to test that the carriage is in the home position, and if not to send it to the home position

The carriage has a microswitch that returns ground to digital input 4 if it is home
If it is not home I want to set digital output 8 to HIGH to operate the motor through a relay

The following is what I have written

void setup()
pinMode(4, INPUT);
pinMode(8, OUTPUT);

while (4 != LOW) // carriage not home
digitalWrite(8, HIGH); //operate motor to drive carriage home
if(digitalRead(4) == LOW) // Test to see if carriage is home
digitalWrite(8, LOW); // If carriage is home turn off motor
// setup complete & carriage home now start using the machine
void loop()

What I am getting is, regardless of whether the carriage microswitch is putting a LOW (gnd) or not to IP4, OP8 will always go HIGH and stay HIGH

Please help and if possible keep it simple so my old brain can comprehend
Many Thanks :slight_smile:

4 will never be the same as LOW.

I assume that you want to check the status of the pin in which case you need to use a digitalRead to read the pin.

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