Problems w/ ESP-Now and latest Arduino Generic ESP 8266 board support??

I had ESP-Now running on 2 ESP-01 boards (one board emitted ESP-Now messages and the other was receiving the ESP-Now messages using their WIFI radios). I then accepted some library and board updates as well as updated to the latest version of the Arduino IDE (1.8.10). Now, no matter what I have tried, I can not get ESP-Now to send data over the WIFI link.

Has anyone else had similar experiences with ESP-Now after updating their Arduino SDK, Libraries & Boards?

I think I have found the problem. There is a watch-dog like feature in the code which will put the ESP8266 to sleep should the call back to handle the task at hand exceeds about 1 second. It appears to use a number impractically arrived at which simply counts the number of times through a loop in the loop() function. Perhaps something has changed after performing the upgrades causing the call back function to take longer or causing the loop in the loop() function to execute faster. Either way, doubling this number has cause to the ESP-Now "emitter" to behave as expected. That is, where it was not sending out an ESP-Now message over WIFI, it does now.