Problems whit stand alone

Hi guys, i want move from my arduino nano to a stand alone proyect, im using a breadboard and a DIP atmega328 whit a AVR pocket programmer.

But i got a problem when i use a battery to power up the breadboard. If i use a simple blink led example, the program works fine, but when i upload my program, it only works fine if i put my finger in the ground line. My program works whit the MIRFv2 library to use a NRF24l01 (its not attached to the 328 yet) every 4 seconds the avr wakes up and send a data. In normal operation i see every 4 seconds a flash in the led connected to pin 19 of the atmega, but when i use a battery the led stay on until i touch whit my finger the grond lane, then works fine.

Any advice guys?

Take a copy of your sketch and disable parts of the functionality until you find which part causes the problem. For example, you could take out anything that tries to interact with the RF24 hardware and see if that helps. Once you know what is triggering the problem, you will probably be able to guess why it's doing it.

Any special reason why you're running it with the RF24 disconnected? I suppose that it's possible that whatever-it-is will be corrected by adding the hardware the sketch is expecting.


What battery are you using? And how are you powering it when it works?


u was rigth peter, connecting the NRF fix the problem, now im running whit a 3.6v battery whitout problems.

strykeroz im using a recicled battery from a old notebook, the code its PANASONIC CGP345010, just connecto to the atmega, no regulator, whit 2 diodes in series to drop the voltage to 3v to supply the nrf.

Thanks guys for ur help.