Problems with 2.8" TFT display installation

Hi, I have just received my 2.8inch TFT LCD shield purchased from Banggood, China. In the package there was just the TFT shield and paperwork or disc/files
In preparation for its receipt I have been studying various videos on YouTube on how to install this unit and thought that I would be fully prepared and the unit would be simple to install and use
Once received I installed it piggy-back onto my Arduino Uno R3 module, plugged in the USB cable to the Uno and immediately the screen lit up with a bright blank glow, which proves that I have the correct pins connected to the correct sockets on the Uno (I am ex-electronics hardware engineer and not a software person).
I then downloaded the files and installed then in my Arduino Libraries as instructed in one of the videos which seemed to be a basic installation. I then compiled it, which was immediately accepted with no errors and then downloaded it to the Uno, again straight forward with no errors.
However, the screen remained blank and the expected text, patterns, displays shown in the video did not appear. I then repeated this procedure for various videos from YouTube but again the screen glowed blank and refused to display any graphics or text. question for the forum is...How can I identify whether the problem lies with the TFT shield, the INO files and sketches that I am loading or is it something else.
Is there a VERY basic INO file that I can load and run to prove whether the shield is working properly or whether I need to return it as being faulty (I suspect that this will be a long process)

Ok Members...I looked up the Banggood page showing the item I bought from them.
Lo and behold they actually have the INO files ready to download.

You need to scroll down the page to a place in the "Product details" and you will find the statement

CD file download: Click to open
The latest versin: Click to open"

Click on the latest version and you will get all the INO's associated with this particular TFT LCD and it works.

Good luck

It looks as if your display has an UC8230S controller.


Product details: Click on the latest version

seems to have a hacked obsolete version of MCUFRIEND_kbv

I suggest that you delete the BangGood version directory. Install the current MCUFRIEND_kbv library via the IDE Library Manager.

The BangGood INO files should work but it looks as if BangGood did not understand what they were doing. Some examples could be tidied up.


Hello everyone so I'm having issues with my display. First, the display is the 2.8" tft screen with ILI9341. Ive downloaded all the libraries needed from adafruit and ran a calibration sketch that actually worked. However when I go to run the paint example or anything else the screen simply stays white. Please if anyone can assist me please do as this is extremely frustrating!!!!

Post a link to your actual display.
Quote library version numbers from the Library Manager.

Quote which library example you are using.
Or attach / paste the INO file if it is a custom sketch.