Problems with a relay circuit

So I set up a circuit to drive a relay with the following set up . Instead of the solenoid, I have a 5 volt relay. I am driving a set of relays using this as a way to control 8 of them . Now I can drive the relay directly with the logic out of the 595 shift register. The problem is when I try to put the transistor in between to drive it. I can't seem to get the transistor to turn on. Is there a chance that it is burned out? Thanks!

If you temporarily disconnect one end of a resistor connected to a shift register and connect it to +5v does it turn on the relay? If not then check you have the power and grounds connected correctly.

This tests if the solenoid circuit is working in isolation of the shift register.

If i connect the shift register directly to the relay, the relay turns on. I wanted to isolate the connection because I plan to use a molex connector to supply the 5V to the relays via the transistors so that 8 relays aren’t drawing from the Arduino/USB for power. I’m redoing my circuit soon, I pulled everything out to start over and make sure all is wired correctly. I’ll report back once I rewire everything

post a picture of how it’s wired… there are too many variables to troubleshoot it in words.

I will. I'll just hook up one relay at first :)

I re-wired it and it worked! but I am having some trouble understanding how to use the 74hc148 8:3 encoder. It looks like to when you ground a one of the input pins, it pushes the encoded pins low, correct? I wasnt getting anything to happen no matter what I did, but i think i misinterpreted the logic.

You need to have the enable pin (E1) low for the input pins to affect the outputs.

You need to have the enable pin (E1) low for the input pins to affect the outputs.

Ill do this and test it out tonight. If I continue to have problems, I will take pictures of my setup and see what I am doing wrong. Thank you!