Problems with Arduino BT


Recently I aquire an Arduino BT, and it run very well for the first time on Windows XP, I could follow the instructions and upload the blink led, with the baud rate at 115200 and the correct serial port.

Next day, I tryed to connect the module without succes. Many times but nothing, so I decided to reset the bluegiga from the digital port number 7. I connected the output of pin 13 directly to the pin 7 to do it. Have I damaged the device??? I have read that the WT11 works at 3.3 volt

From this day I could never pair the ArduinoBT to the BlueTooth dongle on Windows, it simply doesn`t recognize anything.

Is it any solution to me right now? I really would apreciatte any help



Have you installed the SP2 for Windows? The bluetooth sometimes doesn't work properly in SP1 or earlier.

In my case, the ArduinoBT usually can't be paired, but it can change information with the computer (pay attention to reseting times - mine just works if I push the reset button just after I press the upload)

Success with your Arduino...