Problems with Arduino programm

I've been trying, for over a week now, to create a program read Integers from Serial Monitor Input.
The rule is
:black_circle: Define a new int array of 500 integers to store the input data.
:black_circle: Copy and paste a SINGLE column of integer data (assuming those are positive numbers with at most 3 digits) These integers are separated by spaces (ASCII code 32(10)).
:black_circle: Convert and store the input integers to the array.
:black_circle: Display the size of the input data.
:black_circle: Display the data nicely in the Serial Monitor.
:black_circle: Stop capturing the data if the array is full.
:black_circle: Find out and display the maximum value and its position of first occurrence within the input.

:black_circle: The program should be able to accept new input.

Thanks ahead.

Please post your best effort at writing teh program and explain the problems

Please follow the advice on posting a programming question given in Read this before posting a programming question

In particular note the advice to Auto format code in the IDE and to use code tags when posting code here as it prevents some combinations of characters in code being interpreted as HTML commands such as italics, bold or a smiley character, all of which render the code useless

SINGLE column...These integers are separated by spaces

Odd that.

-jim lee

When is the assignment due?

The list you have posted sounds like an assignment. Well it is OK to ask questions even for fullfilling assignments. But you have to show some own effort on solving the exercise. So I second what UKHelibob wrote:

post your attempt of writing this program and ask a question related to your code.
Or a question where you can get information or examples that are similar to your project.

best regards Stefan