Problems with Attinies when upgade the Arduino environment to 1.6.0

Hi to all, I'm writing to all of you because i was changed from Arduino 1.0.6 to Arduino 1.6.0 and after place everything Attiny related, (Attiny 85, Attiny 2313), etc., on the right place to be shown in Arduino environment under boards menu, I'm getting errors every time i try to compile sketches, that in the past were compiling for this small controllers without any problem, does anyone have the same problem?, does anyone have any solution?

Regards from Spain:


An example of the seen errors:

Third-party platform.txt does not define compiler.path. Please report this to the third-party hardware maintainer.
Error while compiling: missing 'recipe.cpp.o.pattern' configuration parameter

Hi, got the same error here, did you solve this? How?

Escrich have you upgraded the attiny core? Check the links at the bottom GitHub - damellis/attiny: ATtiny microcontroller support for the Arduino IDE

Hi, thanks to all of you for your kind answers, i'll check your propossals and i will revert to you with my findings.