Problems with autoreset on Leonardo

Hello all,

As of today, I’m experiencing problems with uploading sketches to my Arduino Leonardo (it worked fine before). I’ve did some research, and the problem seems to be that the auto reset isn’t working. To solution to this would be to hold down the reset button, click upload and release the reset button when uploading begins. Using this method, I’m able to upload a simple sketch like ‘blink’. However, when I want to upload the sketch I really want on there, uploading doesn’t seem to work. There is no error in the IDE, but the code isn’t running. I’m using IDE 1.5.8, and I’ve attached my code. Could anyone here help me fix this problem?

Many thanks!


wordclock.ino (13.5 KB)

the code isn't running

You have this line in setup():

  while (!Serial) {};

That will cause your program to wait at that point until the Serial Monitor is opened. I doesn't appear that you are even using Serial at all in your program so you could probably just comment or remove the lines:

  while (!Serial) {};