Problems with bluetooth module HC-06


I am using bluetooth module HC-06. I cant get it working. I need to change name and psw. Before i was using HC-05 module there was button which helped to get into AT mode. Now there is now button and i cant find and figure out how to get in AT mode. When module is blinking and it is connected to computer via serial monitor there is no answer. MAybe somebody could help me to solve this problem. Thank you.

I used the pages by Martyn Currie to get my HC05 modules to work so I recommend his HC06 page to you..

He says:

The HC-06 defaults to AT mode at power on. This is indicated by a rapidly flashing LED. After the HC-06 is connected to another device the LED stops flashing and is constant on.

Are you seeing that?

Try hooking up the HC06 as shown and try the example code on the page. What happens?

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