problems with changing the power supply of the motor carrier from usb to lipo


Chapter 2, mkr motor carrier and dc motor (guide). I have carefully followed all the steps of the manual and when I go to connect the USB an orange LED lights up on the top left of the mkr motor carrier. This orange led is not mentioned in the guide, but the problems don't seem to be over. In fact, when I move the switch on the mkr motor carrier from the off position to the on position, no green LED lights up next to the aforementioned switch.

I checked the battery, it seems charged and in good condition. I have not tried to move forward in order not to cause damage in the event that the power change has not taken place correctly.

Could anyone help me?


The orange led besides the battery on/off led indicates that the firmware of the Mkr Motorcarrier needs to be updated. You can update the MKRMotorCarrier firmware by uploading the example In Arduino IDE: File -> Examples -> MKRMotorCarrier -> Flasher and later open the serial monitor.

Thank you very much for your answer

I’ve already updated the firmware but the situation is the same

Mmmmh… Probably we are not talking about the same LED. I’m talking about the orange led located in the upper left corner of the mkr motor carrier, as shown in the photo.

Here there are a photo related to the switch in position “on”.
When the switch is in position “off” the situation is the same, but with the switch on the other side…

As you can see, no LED lights up near the switch :frowning:

I'm having the same exact problem and I can't seem to get it working. Has anyone figured this out?