Problems with DIY Duino(atmega 168) and FT232R

I'm unable to burn programs to my DIY Duino board w/ atmega168 using FT232 and Arduino software.... I'm getting avrdude errors... pls someone help me to fix this problem. I'm frustrated... ]:slight_smile:

I wrote you in different topic
Check if you have correctly connected RX and TX

Ya i have connected it properly.... TX led on Breakout board and LED connected to pin13 blinks few times.... But same problem avrdude errors

Can you make a picture of your setup ?

i'm sorry i don't have a good camera.... I think the problem is not with connections because i saw many of them had faced similar problems and there is no correct solution to the problem....

  1. Your board type should be selected as the one with a ATmega168.
  2. What do you mean breakout board? Verify there is a capacitor on DTR to enable auto-reset... or you have to manually reset when uploading.
  3. Does the ATmega168 you used have an Arduino bootloader on it?