Problems with DS1820

I am getting the “No more addresses.” message from the serial output from my arduino board that is connected to a DS1820…

Not sure if the DS1820 is even working…

Heres the grand prize winner in the 'how little information can I give competion'.

Hint : a circuit and the code you're using would be an immense help.

Very much like leaving a message on a garages answer phone, saying 'my Ferrari is broken, can you phone and tell me how to fix it ?'

Yep, I'm grumpy today........... ;)

I have the DS1820 connected as the data sheet suggests for a external power supply

DS1820 circuit connection to Arduino Duemilanove pin1-->GND pin2-->DQ-->4.7K pullup-->+5V-->Arduino Duemilanove DIO 10 pin3-->+5V

Here is the code I used.

When viewing the serial data output I am just getting the "No more addresses." message. I am not getting any data from the DS1820.

Let me know if you need more.

Sorry for not providing more sooner... :(

Check the code for interfacing to a DS1820 on this page. The identifier may be different and the DS1820 is of lower resolution so the code needs to reflect that.


... for a way to double-check you have it wired right. Skip down the page to the diagram of the DS1820

pin2-->DQ-->4.7K pullup-->+5V-->Arduino Duemilanove DIO 10

If this is what it looks like (Pin 10 is wired directly to 5v) it is guaranteed not to work. Pin 2 of the DS1820 should be connected directly to the arduino digital pin and then that pair should be pulled up to 5V with the 4.7k resistor.


DS1820 Pin2 - Arduino D10 - 4.7k - 5v

Pins 1 and 3 are correct.