Problems with Fedora 34 and Arduino IDE

Hello everyone in the forum. I have an Arduino UNO board, which with Fedora version 33 I had no problem ... Now I can't compile any sketch with Arduino IDE (vers. 1.8.13): “Compilation error for the Arduino Uno board”. Obviously the IDE is set up for Arduino Uno and for the USB port. I downloaded the sources of the same version, this works but the software menu does not appear graphically:
Gtk-Message: 17: 08: 56.702: Failed to load module "pk-gtk-module"

Report the error from the log file:

2021-07-06T14: 57: 41.684Z INFO c.a.u.n.HttpConnectionManager: 153 [cc.arduino.packages.discoverers.serial.SerialDiscovery] Connect to

This solution doesn't work Arduino IDE 1.8.13 menu bar and icon options text missing in Archlinux LXQt · Issue #11150 · arduino/Arduino · GitHub

Does anyone have any suggestions on this?

Thanks for reading me. Enjoy the rest of the day… bye.