Problems with GPRS Shield

Hi Everyone! I have a problem with GPRS Shield V1.2. I have it connected to an Arduino UNO. I'm trying to send a message and I can not.

I am following the instructions of But, I can not send SMS. I do not know what I can do.

The sscom32E program Returns me this:

ÿÿÿÿ RDY

+CFUN: 1


Call Ready AT+CREG?

+CREG: 0,2


+COPS: 0,0,"vodafone ES"


+CSQ: 7,0

OK AT+IPR=19200


OK AT+CMGS="+34xxxxxx"

hola xxxx


Can you help me?, please

open this link,, its the beginner tutorial,,

Hi, have problems with GPRS shield? well, don’t worry, you just one of people who have confronted this kind of problem and you can learn more about it and solve the problem easily after you have read:

Hi all

i am also using the GSM shield v2 with arduino mega for a gprs based sensor monitoring . i am posting the values to a private server. my problem is the gsm shield gets freezed after sometime and i have switch off the shield and then restart again, what will be the problem??

Control Z missing??