Problems with HTML POST processing

Hi there,
I am working on an Arduino project using an ESP8266 as the microprocessor that monitors an i2c sensor and activates a relay depending on the state of that sensor. I have all of the code working except for the optional part of the HTML form which allows for the WiFi password to be changed. I cannot seem to get the three password fields to submit.

Can anyone see where I’ve messed up? It’s been a while since I’ve done any HTML programming. :slight_smile:



Hawk-Eye_DP_Sensor.ino (10.6 KB)

give the html form an url and handle it with server.on(url)

Sorry, your reply isn't really helpful. Did you even look at the code?

Sorry, your reply isn’t really helpful. Did you even look at the code?

you serve only the main page. a submit of html form should call a diffrent server.on handler so the form needs action attribute

<form action="/changepass">

server.on("/changepass", handleChangepass);