Problems with HTTP GET method

Hi everyone.

I’m trying to develop a program with an Arduino Yun which accepts HTTP GET method (and answer with more GET). I attach the code (too large to copy here…)

My problem is that all works good till the Arduino waits for the GET of “setup_OK” (line 140). When I send a GET curl, it just freezes.

I tried to “debug” that part copying it in another program and load it, and IT WORKS!! I don’t know why. The whole program does not work, but the part supposed to fail works perfectly in a new program.

Can someone help me?? Thanks in advance!


PULSADORS_FINAL_180814.ino (10.1 KB)

At a first glance, at line 329 you check the value of counter, but you increment it ONLY if first char is a space. Therefore, if it’s not, your code gets stuck in that “while (counter < 2)”

I solved this.

There were SRAM problems, I had to move some variables to a .csv in a SDCard…

Thanks anyway!