Problems with I2C EEPROM

Hello, i have a few questions about this manual: Everything is right connected. Now i tried to send data to the EEPROM.


This code is in the setup(). I don't know which eeaddress I have to enter. Could you help me?!

Now I tried to read from the EEPROM.

int out = i2c_eeprom_read_byte(0x50,0x10);

But nothing happend...

Thanks for your help!!!!!!!

ByeBye from Germany, sungamer

Oh, I solved all these problems... But there are other problems....

At the moment the board prints this to the serial port:

  Serial.print("r ");
  Serial.print(" n ");
  Serial.print(" p ");
  Serial.print(" h ");

Now I want to save this line to the EEPROM? How can I convert all these ASCII to binary and save it?!

Nobody knows a solution?!

Those ASCII characters are bytes stored in binary, so you just store them in the EEPROM and that's it. If you mean how to convert the "constant" strings to storage in memory, just assign the constant characters or strings used in your example to variables of type char. Then, you can either print them or store them in the EEPROM.

Can you give me an example?!

See the following link on use of pointers to array of characters. Store the characters sequentially in EEPROM until you reach an ASCII null (0)

also, if you want a full range of text/string functions, see: