problems with installation

hi,i have buy for my children a kit KS0085, i ca not connect this kit for my pc or telephone,is my first kit can help me please for setting this please?thank you..

Is it the "Keyestudio Smart Home Kit for Arduino"?

Please provide a detailed description of what you mean by "i ca not connect this kit for my pc or telephone", including the full and exact text of any error messages you are getting.

I suppose you aren't experienced with Arduino platform and that kit isn't meant to be a plain "build and run" one. You need to have a little practice with electronics and Arduino programming in general to be able to handle projects larger than very simple ones.

Anyway, the only thing we can say is to carefully read THIS page and follow the described steps. And if you encounter a problem, you should describe it here in detail, otherwise we can't say anything to help you.

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