Problems with ir sensor

Hi, I need advice, I have an arduino mega2560 clone and I would like to receive a signal from an ir receiver that I already have. I would like to use the IrLib2 library which uses a digital pin. but I get 1.5v from the IR sensor when doing nothing and when receiving a 0.1v signal. But 1.5v is not enough to switch the state from 0 to 1. Could this be done with this library somehow with analog input (that it would be set from where it would be taken as "1" and from where as "0"? Or somehow use a transistor best 2N2222A or Tip120 which I have? (I won't tell you much about the program because I haven't written it because it doesn't work) Ideally I wouldn't buy anything

If you get a different voltage when triggered as I think you're saying, just read it with analogRead and forget about the library.

What IR sensor do you have?

Thanks.. Tom. :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

When asking about a particular piece of hardware you need to identify it to us.

Datasheet for the IR sensor? Or product page?

The IR Receiver probably then requires a 10k pullup resistor on its signal pin (or use the Ardiono pin pullup resistor via INPUT_PULLUP) but, as already said, supply a part number for more accurate advice.

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