Problems with l293ne

Hi everybody, I amdeveloping the l293ne ic to control a simple motor. What I have made so far is to join with solder the ic on a stripboard as you can see in the picture. Before join the stripboard I checked it and it worked, but now it doesnt. Can anyone check my connections in order to see if I have something wrong.

Thank you very much in advance and sorry for any inconvenience.


How about a photo of the underside of the stripboard, so we can see which tracks you cut?

Sorry, I did not notice that the connections could not being tracked :wink:

Thank you!

Your circuit doesn't include the output diodes. The L293D variant has these built in, the L293NE does not. Running the chip with a motor or other inductive load but no diodes is likely to damage the chip.

Also, you should connect all 4 ground pins together, however this is probably not too important.

Thank you for your reply, I tested it a while ago and it was the grounds what was wrong. Anyway, I dindnt know about the diodes, so I will change the schematics.

Thank you again