problems with L9110s

So, Im new to using motors. I much prefer servos, but anyway i was wondering if someone could advise me.

everything is supposed to be battery powered. Im using an arduino mega pro mini. Both the Arduino and the L9110s are powered from the same source.

The L9110s is connected directly to the battery Not via the arduino. except for the ground.

can anyone advice the correct hookup procedure. cos the way i already have it, it just keeps resetting the arduino

Resetting of the Arduino is normally caused by a voltage drop because the battery or the wiring is too weak for the total load.

Without knowing what motor(s) and what battery you have and how everything is connected now it difficult to say more.


Post links to the specific datasheets or product pages for all the hardware you refer to, otherwise
we have no details to go on, and details are always vital.

In general powering motors and logic with the same supply is bad news, well worth avoiding,
but without those details there's little constructive to recommend.