Problems with leds

Is there a ceratain type of leds that is fine with this code or can I use any kind of leds?


I must say this, your post is, and I'm expressing myself very conservative here, is one of the weirdest I have seen so far.

You don't tell us what you know about this code, what kind of project it is, you just post a link pointing towards a page with only some code on? And the question you ask is very strange too, since we have no idea what your trying to make?

It would help us if you provide the necessary information we need to be able to help you, you must at least have an idea what this code is used for, what it's about?

Anyway, I have taken a look at the code and saw there are two libraries needed to make it run. After doing a search on one of the libraries this is the page where some more information is available on the LED's needed for this code.

adafruit dotstar leds

The second library refers to some sort of motion sensor code, that is used for many things, so without knowing what hardware is connected to the Arduino it's difficult to specify it's use. The only "tip" here is the name that is used for the link, making me think it's related to a light-saber. After looking at the code you can see there are some parameters defined to change the color of the LED's.

If you would like to be better informed I suggest you provide us with some knowledge you must have about this project, like the hardware used, a schematic or anything you can think of.

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sorry, Im using this things for firs time. but I'll try to explain. So im doing a lightsaber with a teensy board 3.2. I found this projet and code from youtube (this is my first project, so dont judge me plz?) So I'm asking here is this code defined to some type of leds and can I use any type of leds to this? (BTW leds are going to the blade and here is the video link and I don't have any problems with the code.)


You need RGB LEDS and a driver for them if you want them to change colour

Hello again Oscar,

Thanks for posting the link and making things allot easier to understand for us. About your question, there isn't much I can add to Mark's answer. I hope you will be able to realize this project, and have much fun with it.




I'm not good enough at code to read through your link and understand the hardware needs. However I suggest before you start purchasing parts you create a wiring diagram (schematic). Clearly this will be required before you build your project so you might as well do it now, it will help you and help folks in this forum help you.

Good luck

I think mark answered my question and @JohnRob I know all the other parts and wirings what I need quite well ;)

I'm building a lightsaber with teensy 3.2, but I dont know how do I connect RGB leds to it. Do You know da answer?

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