Problems with Motor Shield L293D

Hello helpful people of the forum

Ok so i’m having this problem

Trying to drive a Stepper motor rated at 12v and 200mah overheats the chip of the L293D, and other one at 400mah overheats it more rapidly, i am currently using a 12v 800mah power source

L293D is rated to 600mah per conecction, and 1.2ah Peak Output Current (im new to electronics, what is the difference?)

So i go with a multimeter to see the voltage of the M1,M2,M3,M4 outputs and get a fluctuating 1-3.7v
(without any load on the shield) :o Okay can someone explain that to me? Maybe this makes amps to go up and overheat the chip?

Ok and next question, looking online i find two max voltages for the L293D Shield, 5-12v and 5-36v, when i look for the chip itself i find that 5-36v is correct, so anyone who has it can say to me witch is correct?

Motors i’m using:

Thanks in advance for any response


Oh i forgot, in the image, the PWR-JMP is disconnected, its connected only to 1 pin to not lose it.