Problems with NetBeans IDE


I want to use netbeans for developmet under linux and followed this guide:

I managed to compile the core library and the simple blink example but after downloading it to the ethernet baord (LED is on Pin 9) it just glows half and flickers a littel bit.

I allready compared the compiler switches of the arduino ide and the netbeans ide!

Does anyone know what might be the problem?

thanks, max

Now I tried to compile the whole project, named ardionoall, at once including the sources of the core library and the blink-code but still the same behaviour ... The LED just glows very low.

Here is the compiling output from netbean ide, maybe someone can find a bad compiler switch or something else:

Every hint is welcome!

thanks, max

Hello Max,

I don't no about the problem, but you can try this plugin for netbeans:

Regards, Jaques