Problems With old Ethernet Shield

I have an ethernet shield v1.1, and I have tested it with the webserver example in the current ethernet library. In the serial monitor it always says "server is at". And when I try to visit the web server, it doesn't load. Is this a problem with the ethernet shield being too old for the library? If so, where can I find a working library for it?

There are a few ethernet shield v1.1 out there. Some with w5100s and some with enc28j60. Which one do you have? A link to the shield will help.

I'm pretty sure it is the one with enc28j60. Here is the link:

Then you can't use the standard ethernet library included with the IDE. You will need to get a library for the enc28j60. I'm not that familiar with that IC. Maybe someone else who knows more about it will help you find a good library.