Problems with receiving data with espnow and sending it to thingerio iot

I have a project where i'm reading data from some sensors and i am using espnow for sending that data from one esp to another, but i also have to send the data to thingerio cloud but the problem is that the esp can't connect to 2 wifi networks at the same time, but i'm not sure how would i make it that it disconnects from esnow and connect to other wifi network and sends data to cloud.
Would really appreciate some help or some helpful articles.

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ESPNOW may not be the best solution. A ESP8266/ESP32 can be an AP, a client, and a server all at the same time. Just connect to the ESP AP, send the data and capture it using the webserver, then use the client to connect to the LAN WiFi gateway. But, I have not actually impleted this exact solution myself.

Another potential approach:

Now, what I do is send a faux-JSON from the Arduino over BT to RPi running NodeRed and Apache webserver. From that I get a LAN-based GUI and I can script anything I want upstream through my router.

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Using the UDP-protocol would just use WiFi and no ESP-NOW.

ESP32 are able to use ESP-NOW and WiFi if both are operating on the same WLAN-channel. But I haven't tested this myself yet.

best regards Stefan

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