Problems with rotary encoder

I work on a project which is supposed to use 3 standard EC11 rotary encoders. I tried couple available libraries however encoders skip the steps or don’t recognize rotation properly.

What is the best way to automate and simplify rot. encoding so there is no issues as above?
Is there maybe external circuit translating multiple encoders or some tricky wiring?

Do you have pullup resistors (internal or external) on the Arduino digital inputs that are connected to the encoder outputs?

pull-up internal - pins in pull-up mode

Please post the code that you tried and a link to any libraries that you are using


and also tried some ESP32 one (just google first ones) same problem occurs

Pins are configured as pull-up and common pins go to ground. 1uf caps on AB pins

One hardware possibility: LS7366R SPI Quadrature Counter

I have a simple question - how to tel which pin on encoder is ground? I think encoders I bought have a different layout but look like some branded ones.

None of the pins on an encode are necessarily GND

Post a link to the ones that you have.