Problems with SainSmart 7" 7 Inch TFT LCD Shield+TFT LCD Shield for Arduino MEGA

Hello Community,

since 2 weeks I try to run the following tft touch display from Sainsmart:

Hope someone can help me.

I am useing the Arduino Mega 2560 and the library from following link:

In this youtube-video you can see, how i try to start the demo.

Do anyone know what i did wrong?
Thank you in advance!



there is one more thing I noticed and did not understand:

There is printed the jumper config on the shield (have a look to the attachment)

JP1 5V
JP2 3,3V
JP3 5V
JP4 3,3V
JP7 5V
JP8 3V

Measurement on the shield shows, that there are 5V to all jumpers JP1 to JP8.
That is devinitly not correct.

Voltage should be 3,3V to JP2, JP4 and JP8.

Is the shield faulty??

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards

Hi guybrush,

I am sorry to say, you have been 'Sainsmarted'. They sell rip off copies of CTE shields and you get what you pay for unfortunately.

IF you had bought directly from CTE in the first instance, you would be looking at a working display already. However, to resolve your problem, you need to whip out your soldering iron, and fix Saincrap's shoddy workmanship.

I ordered recently a 'CTE TFT LCD/SD Shield for Arduino Mega' , which in the photos on ebay was a GENUINE CTE shield, however, when it arrived it had the wonderful words of dread :- "" printed on the shield, and there were random blobs of solder on the jumpers just as you have before you.... I complained and got a refund, but kept the shield which I then fixed by desoldering JP1 and JP3. You should only have solder on JP2, JP4 and JP7!! (and JP9 if you wish to use the SD card).

Let's hope that is your only problem and that the TFT is not now damaged!!

I am familiar with Sainshit, so I VERRRRYYY closely inspected every inch of the shield BEFORE I even connected it to the Arduino, and certainly did not risk my TFT on it...

Good luck!