Problems with scratch built Serial Arduino

Hi all,

I successfully built a serial Arduino on a breadboard with an ATMega168. I loaded the bootloader successfully with the parallel port. I wasn't sure what board to try, so I tried the NG and it seemed to work. I disconnected the parallel port and attached the serial port and loaded the example code for the ASCII table. It loaded ok and the serial port monitor displayed the ASCII table just fine.

Here's where the problems begin. I can't get it to overwrite a second program. It fails and I have to hook up the parallel port and reload the bootloader every time I want to make changes the program on the chip. This takes a lot of time with debugging an application.

I also tried loading the Deicimila...w. ATMEGA168 board bootloader, no change in the way it acts. Any clues?

Any clues?

That is usually an indication of not having the processors fuses set correctly for the processor chip you are using. I think your bootloader is being partially or fully erased each time you download a new sketch.

Make sure the bootloader you are burning is the correct one for your 168 chip (there seems to be two NG boards). Not sure of all the gory details for determining which board you should select when burning the bootloader, but I’m sure someone here can figure it out.

If it’s not a board selection problem, then the next thing is possibly your parallel programmer is not functioning 100% in respect to the fuse setting/burning process.


I figured it out, I didn’t have the circuit for the auto-reset hooked up. I etched the board and soldered it up. It had a jumper for the auto-reset and that fixed it. Alternatively, I tried holding the reset button until it started to upload and released it, that worked too.