Problems with scroll in menus (example: import library) with Win 8.1

Hello Everyone,
I recently installed Windows 8, then upgraded to Windows 8.1. Installed the IDE (current version) and am able to program boards. However, I cannot scroll through menus like with 'import library'. I can tab through the list but the list is stationary. So I cant get to any libraries other than the initial (partial) list on the menu. Tried using touch pad, was using wireless mouse and thought it could be the problem. No luck. Tried changing setting for compatibility issues, again no luck. Tried adjusting preferences for Windows (long shot), checked online and have no similar issues. Also ran Windows Update too.
I've been using a Mac for the past several years, love it, used to it. Got a new laptop and now trying to re-adjust to Windows is taking longer than expected. :slight_smile:
Thank You in Advance for any thoughts.