problems with serial buffer? DMX master library?

Hi I am using the attached code to parse an incoming string thats around 120 characters long, i can receive and parse the string fine and have proven this by printing the parsed version of each section to the serial window, however i am then using the DMX master library DmxMaster/ at master · TinkerKit/DmxMaster · GitHub and sending the values i have parsed to this and supposedly generate the correct DMX signal, however i seem to be getting random results after sending around 24 channels of data (c1=channel 1 c2=channel 2 etc). I have a feeling this is something to do with me constantly sending all of the data at once in realtime, the string being received by the arduino is being sent from a GUI running on a pi, this is generated by a set of 24 sliders and so as you move the slider the value changes but the pi will send all 24 channels of the values even if they haven’t changed, which leads me to believe this is a problem with the serial buffer. I have resized the buffer following instructions found here ( but beyond that i don’t know how to test to see if the buffer is the problem or not but as i can see my parsed string when printing it i don’t understand where these random results are coming from. If anybody can see or suggest what my problem maybe i would be very appreciative.

DMX512_pi_arduino_final.ino (8.41 KB)

You neither called dmxBegin() in your code nor set the pin where you connected the DMX. Please post the schematics or a picture of your wiring to see how you planned your project to work.