Problems with Serial.println

denniscj7: Running the code shown in reply #17, produces a string of characters that look like gibberish, no normal letters or numbers. The length of the line of gibberish looks to be the same as the expected result.

I'm wondering if the problem might have something to do with the equivalent of a "code page" such as we have used for many years with main frames and PCs alike. I poked around in the Arduino -022 files but didn't find anything.

In the meantime, I will delete my Arduino IDE and library and load a fresh one in case it is corrupted in some way.

Wow, sure sounds like something is hosed, assuming the serial monitor is set to the correct speed. I'd stick to a simple sketch like that until I got it working. Deleting and reloading the IDE sounds like a good idea. I'm slightly familiar with the code page concept, but am not aware that Arduino has anything similar. To paraphrase Henry Ford, I think we can use any code set we want as long as it's ASCII XD

To comment on String objects, I tried them once, in a sketch of fair size and complexity, and ran into all sorts of weird unexplainable behavior that was probably due to memory (RAM) issues. Removed it all and did the string manipulation with the old-fashioned C library functions and all was well. Haven't felt a need to try it again. The C library functions aren't really much worse to work with IMHO.

PROBLEM SOLVED - well almost

The problem is Win7 x64 which is my base system. I gen'd an XP system in Virtual PC (on the same base system) and everything works perfectly. Very frustrating to spend so much time chasing what should be a non-problem.

Thanks to all for the help.

I wonder what the problem might be. Two Win7 64-bit systems and one XP 32-bit system here, 0022 works fine on all.