Problems with Simon Says prototype

I'm trying to build a simon says prototype with the breadboard based on this:

I've used the exact code that link provides.
The LEDs seem to work properly but when I press one of the push buttons to start up the game, nothing happens. What is interesting is that, when I pull out one of the red wires at the top the game actually starts, but there's no way to interact with it. Does anyone know what I might've done wrong? (Images of my setup attached)
Note: I did use 200 Ohm resistors instead of the suggested 150 Ohm ones. Not sure if that causes any problems?

Based on that code, I don't see anywhere where the switches are set as inputs. The code seems to assume they are inputs, but even if that was the case, how would it know if the user has them setup with pull down resistor or not? According to the get1stLowSwitch() function, the buttons are normally high and it only registers a "press" when pulled to ground. So with this said, check your wiring and make sure the button are normally high with pullup resistors and check that they are LOW when pressed.

Hope this helps.

(After further reading, that code was just made very lazily)

Try my version.

Note: I did use 200 Ohm transistors instead of the suggested 150 Ohm ones. Not sure if that causes any problems?

If you are mixing everything else up the same way you mix up "transistors" and "resistors", you will cause nothing else but problems over problems.

Cross-post, one must not.

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Have you got the press button switches in the correct way?
Have you got a DMM to measure voltages around you project?

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