Problems with Stepper motor driver dvr8825

Hi everybody
I know this is not exactly an Arduino issue, but as I’m ussing a NANO to control the DVR8825…

Ok the problem is that I have recently bought 4 modules DVR8825 (so I have tried with all of them) and, when I try to move the stepper motor with microstepping, the motor does not move smooth enoug.
I think that with 1/32 microstepping should be turning kite smooth.
I have tried adjusting the resistor and the best I have got is that it looks like if it goes ahead with microstteping and then a big step, repeating this every time.

Thanks for your help.


Post your code. Without that we know nothing.

Post a link to the datasheet for your stepper motor.

Make a pencil drawing showing how everything is connected and post a photo of the drawing.

Give details of the power supply you are using to drive the motor (volts and amps).

...R Stepper Motor Basics Simple Stepper Code

You have definitely connected the A and B motor windings correctly to the DRV8825? Measure the resistance between the terminals on the DRV8825 board with a multimeter with the power off and motor connected to check continuity and that each channel drives one winding.