Problems with the Ethernet Shield and LAN cable

Hello. I have tried everything possible. I have 4 LAN crossover cable. Two of 10 meters, a three-meter and one meter one. Ten-flash cable connector Etnernet Shield, the diodes on the board, too flash, but the server does not work. When connecting the three-meter cable connector does not blink, blinks FULLD diode, the server also does not work. When connecting one meter works. What is this magic? Cable marking the same. Is Etnernet Shield does not allow you to connect LAN cables longer than 1 meter?

The max CAT5 cable length is 100 meters.

So I have a cable of 10 meters, 3 meters and 1 meter. It works only 1 meter. All 5 categories. I figured as long as 1 meter cable to work with Ethernet Shield will not?