Problems with Time/AlarmTime/RTC affecting analog

Anyone had any problems with the 3 time libraries affecting readings, I added a bunch of code to take readings every 10 minutes, when I looked at the results I had 2 readings 51.2 and 76.8, which basically I was only getting 3 possible readings. Being a light sensor it was easy to test by covering it an lighting it, I still only get 25.6,51.2,76.8 (multiples of 25.6) strange since I expect values from 0-100.0 (scaling from 0 - 1023).

After checking all the code, I removed all references to the libraries and started getting readings again, any ideas?

Hard to help without being able to see the offending code :wink:

LOL, found it, I waited and commented everything out then added it all back, then I figured out my date array was 1 character short and I was over writing the variable containing the light reading, hence the multiples of 256 I was loosing the low order byte by overwriting it with a 0 terminator at the end of the string!

Thats my BASIC background I guess!!! expecting an array[10] to have a max index of 10, not 9!!