Problems with tools and sketch menus...

Have a Uno R3, using Dell Inspiron 9400 laptop with win 8 64 bit.
Deleted Arduino folder, updated driver, updated Java.
Do not have process directions said to stop..
Checked Device Manager, nothing else seems to be using a COM port but the Uno.
Can't seem to disable Bluetooth, no switch for it, just wireless.

Program freezes for several minutes when I access TOOLS or SKETCH menu, and then returns to normal after a while.
Was able to upload blink program no problem.

Any suggestions?

have the same query like you :roll_eyes:

Replace the arduino rxtx library with the available in → RXTX fixed library

Or install:,118440.0.html

Many thanks, that seemed to do the trick.
Starts up much faster now, no errors, menus work fine.