problems with uint8_t and the talkie libray...

ok so im using the talkie libray ( and im trying to get it working im runing on of the exemples (the example Vocab_us_clock) and i keep geting the error... these commands are very new to me as ive never seen or used them before... please help if you can.

Vocab_US_Clock:13: error: variable 'spTHE' must be const in order to be put into read-only section by means of 'attribute((progmem))

uint8_t spTHE[] PROGMEM = {0x08,0xE8,0x3E,0x55,0x01,0xC3,0x86,0x27,0xAF,0x72,0x0D,0x4D,0x97,0xD5,0xBC,0x64,0x3C,0xF2,0x5C,0x51,0xF1,0x93,0x36,0x8F,0x4F,0x59,0x2A,0x42,0x7A,0x32,0xC3,0x64,0xFF,0x3F}; ^

Once again, you should use code tags for code or error messages.

Now to your problem.

The error message says it all. Your array needs to be declared as 'const'. Change this:-uint8_t spTHE[] PROGMEM = {0x08,0xE8,0x3E,0x55,0x01,0xC3,0x86,0x27,0xAF,0x72,0x0D,0x4D,0x97,0xD5,0xBC,0x64,0x3C,0xF2,0x5C,0x51,0xF1,0x93,0x36,0x8F,0x4F,0x59,0x2A,0x42,0x7A,0x32,0xC3,0x64,0xFF,0x3F};toconst uint8_t spTHE[] PROGMEM = {0x08,0xE8,0x3E,0x55,0x01,0xC3,0x86,0x27,0xAF,0x72,0x0D,0x4D,0x97,0xD5,0xBC,0x64,0x3C,0xF2,0x5C,0x51,0xF1,0x93,0x36,0x8F,0x4F,0x59,0x2A,0x42,0x7A,0x32,0xC3,0x64,0xFF,0x3F}; Then when you call the 'say()' function:-


thank you old steve it works great!

thank you old steve it works great!

Excellent. I’m pleased to hear that.

As I just mentioned in my PM, I tested the “Tom’s Diner” example. The sound quality was surprisingly good.
It needed the same ‘const’ fix. (I’ve attached it, if you want to try it.)

Talkie_Toms_Diner.ino (142 KB)

the audio quality is superb for a arduino im surprised its possible to do such with out a shield do you know of any audio converters i can seem to find any

brenden_nerd_: do you know of any audio converters i can't seem to find any

No sorry, I had no luck in that regard either.

On the "Talkie" download page, I found this:-

For now Qboxpro, an unsupported old Windows application, can produce Talkie compatible data streams.

I found it and downloaded a copy, but couldn't get it to work for me. The download link:- Qboxpro

well ill see if i can get it to work on my old windows xp laptop maybe