Problems with Uploading FPGA Bitstream app.ttf


I am having problems with uploading the FPGA bitstream app.ttf file. Just to test if I can compile and upload my own FPGA bitstream, I decided to download VidorBitstream and compile app.ttf and signature.h (without changing anything in the source code), and uploading using VidorEnableCam.

My steps:

  1. Followed all the instructions from GitHub - vidor-libraries/VidorBitstream
  2. Successfully ran '', which also runs makeCompositeBinary
  • Ran ' from the graphics folder without changing anything
  • /PATH/VidorBitstream/projects/MKRVIDOR4000_graphics/
  1. Moved the newly generated app.ttf and signature.h into /PATH/Arduino/libraries/VidorGraphics/src/ (replacing the original app.ttf and signature.h)
  2. Used the example sketch 'VidorEnableCam' and uploaded to the Vidor using Arduino IDE, but only the logo shows up

If I place the original app.ttf and signature.h from VidorGraphics - Arduino Libraries back into the VidorGraphics source folder (step 3) then the VidorEnableCam works.

Does anyone have any ideas on what could be the issue?