Problems with USB2SERIAL for first-time Arduino user.

Hi all,

I just bought a Arduino Ethernet W/O PoE + USB2SERIAL from seeedstudio for my first Arduino project. I connect the usb2serial to the Arduino and plug a USB cable from the usb2serial to my (Ubuntu) computer but nothing appears in lsusb and nothing appears on dmesg. However, the power LEDs go on on both the converter and the Arduino.

Is the Arduino faulty? Any help?



Maybe your Linux distro has 'brltty' installed? That conflicts with the USB2SERIAL so you have to uninstall it. This page gives instructions: Arduino Tutorial - Lesson 0 - Driver installation for Linux

Will try this when I get home - thanks!

However, that page suggests that I should get some output on dmesg if brltty is installed and at the moment I get nothing at all.

I do not have brltty installed. I've also tried plugging it into a Mac at work and there's nothing on dmesg there. What shall I do?

Is it worth mentioning that both "on" and "l9" LEDs are lit, or is that normal?



It's beginning to sound like your USB2SERIAL (or the USB cable) is defective. Try it without the Arduino attached. If at still fails, you should contact the seller about a refund/replacement.