Problems with w5100 in wireless network

Hello guys,

At some point I set up an arduino uno and a w5100 shield to control some reles here at home, so far, but since the beginning always presented some problems in the requests, some arduino answers were not sent, some came in half and most came right.

The time passed and finally I dismantled everything to update the project and solve this problem that was already bothering me. At first I thought it was a programming problem, after the router and there it was until the wireless signal, the question is ...

I'm using the WebService example of the Ethernet library as a test, I plug a network cable directly into the arduino and the pc, everything works perfectly, I put my finger on the page update and do not choke one, sometimes it's just a little thought but soon it delivers all the result. That's when I put in the router that starts the problem, when everything is connected via network cable, it works perfectly, but just use a wireless network to send the requests that the problems begin to appear. Page partially loaded, pages not delivered, crashes and etc ...

Here's a guess:

I believe that the response to the client is sent synchronously, there is access to the shield and it returns the request, in this devolution there is a problem (maybe a wireless signal) that the client can not receive the request for completeness, the arduino stays locked until it reaches a time limit, after X seconds it returns to meet customer requests ...

Could someone get me?

do you use the latest version of the Ethernet library? the 2.00 released a month ago?

Orbigado by the tip Juraj. I’m using version 2.0.0. I’m starting to notice the shield lights now, the PWR, LINK, and FULLD leds are usually on. For correct operation, the TX, RX and FULLD LEDs flash rapidly and the request is delivered. When the problems occur, only the PWR LED is lit and the TX starts flashing, after TX deletes the LINK LEDs, 100M and FULLD begin to flash slowly 5 or 6 times, after that part begins to vary, sometimes returns sometimes the LEDs flash alternately a few more times and then work again. When performing this test, even with the network cable, it happened that it “hangs” once or twice, but generally, with the network cable does not hang, wireless, even with the cell phone on the side of the router and with a good signal, sometimes “hangs” on the first request. Just to mention, I tested 2 tp-link routers here, the W842ND and the WR841N, and the problem occurs in both. I’m going to remove the shield, clean it and perform new tests, I’m also thinking of performing the test with an external source of 1a instead of using the power of the PC 500ma, even though only the shield and arduino are connected in the test. :confused:

At the end of the day, I dismantled the shield and wiped it off with an eraser, wiped it all clean, and carefully set everything up again. Unfortunately the problem persisted.

My last attempt was to go to another library (aRest) that by coincidence also uses ethernet.h. At first I was having problems with the ethernet library and had to downgrade to version 1.1.2 and after that aRest (2.7.3) worked. To my surprise the tests were very good, did not solve 100% but the “crashes” decreased considerably, even with requests via wifi. I do not know what to try anymore. Does anyone have any ideas?