Proccessor freezes after messing with the code. Can't upload new sketch.

Hi All!
I've been messing with some code for the DS18B20 digital temperature sensor and everything was fine, but I've got greedy and wanted to mess up with three sensors and OneWire library.
I didn't knew the exact code for the multiple sensors, so started to figure out something on my own.

The effect was tragic... I've probably exceeded an array size (stupid mistake) and it's just on the beggining of the code. So my board freezes immediately after start. Because of that - I can't force it do enter programming mode. It's not reacting for the reset button nor the Arduino IDE is able to communicate with it. When I hit the button "board information" - it reads Arduino Uno, shows serial number etc, but I think this comes from the programmer (usb-serial). When I try to communicate with the CPU itself - it simply doesn't respond.

Does this mean that the CPU is bricked, or is there any chance of some rescue?

Thank you in advance,

I'm not aware of any way to brick an Uno with sketch code. Unlike the native USB boards (e.g., Leonardo), the Uno has a dedicated USB chip that your sketch never touches. That chip does an electrical reset of the primary ATmega328P microcontroller to initiate the upload process, which runs the bootloader. So the only way I know of to break uploads is messing up the bootloader, but the bootloader is in a protected section of memory that's separater from the application section used for the sketch.

Do you have anything connected to pins 0 and 1 on the Uno?

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