Process result stays empty ?

Hi all, i'm running a process on a Yun to post data to a server. This has been done like this:

 // Try to send actual data :
  Process p;     
  p.runShellCommand("curl --connect-timeout 6 -m 6 \""+data+"\"");
 while (p.running());
 while (p.available() > 0) {
    char result;
    if (processResult.equals("1"))               // there was no error submitting
       counter0 = 0;             // set liter count to 0
 digitalWrite(led_send, LOW);       // Finished uploading, turn off LED

This has been working very fine, i get a "1" as result when the php script did put the data in the db .

Now i changed to an azure website where i put my php script , and when i enter the data in a link in a browser i get 1 as result, when i enter the curl in putty i also get a 1 as result. But i don't get the 1 trought the ?

I can't tell what's going on here? any ideas?

Found the error. I had a blank line on top of my php script, before the <?PHP . That seemed to be the
cause :slight_smile: