Processing and Arduino in Tandem: Video Mixer, Online Class via O'Reilly


I'm teaching two classes live online in the next few weeks for O'Reilly Media via their partner CreativeLive. The first class focuses on video and goes through the process of working with video in Processing by showing how to build a video mixing app from scratch.

The app is also controlled with a projBox as an example of how to integrate custom hardware controls with such an application. The projBox is a generic project box for prototyping custom hardware controllers with an Arduino.

A demo of this video mixer application I wrote in Processing is here:

The class will be presented live, for free, on February 25th, 2011 at 10am PST, more here:

After the live session the class will be available from O'Reilly for purchase, bundled with slides, code and a tip sheet. Register for the free, live, class here: